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Family Safaris are one of the most popular and best holidays that are so interesting and exciting to have. Traveling with Kids and older folks makes the entire experience so special and unique. 

With our family safaris, you are guaranteed nothing less but amazing memorable, and unforgetable safari experiences for your kids and loved ones. One of the most interesting things about family wildlife safaris in Africa is to see how kids interact and how happy they become when they play and engage in different activities. 

All our Family Safaris in East Africa are well designed to fit all kinds of ages, from young to old, and even favorable to young families. 

The memories created as a whole family are incredible compared to when you travel alone. 

Best Family Safari itineraries

we design the best Family Holiday Safari itineraries that suit you

We have amazing exclusive family safaris and holidays that suit you perfectly. Enjoy a family adventure in Kenya and Tanzania that is fully customized and packed with memorable safari activities and experiences.

Let your kids enjoy a luxury safari experience by interacting with the locals and engaging in some interesting safari activities such as bush walks, games, and much more. These activities engage your kids and bring out their real spirit to enjoy nature.  

3 Days Masai mara

Joining Masai Mara Safari

3 Days Amboseli Safari

Amboseli Private Safari

3 Days Samburu Safari

Samburu Private Safari