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Volunteerism Safaris in Africa

Best Volunteerism Safaris Holidays and Tours in Africa

While wildlife takes centre stage for most safari-goers, clients with East Africa Safari Ventures discover that the most rewarding travel happens when you also immerse yourself in a destination, its people and their culture. So often, it’s the individuals you meet and the challenges and accomplishments faced by community members that stay with you most powerfully. Such interactions foster understanding, and with that comes the inspiration to make a difference to a person, a school or a community. 

Volunteering trips helps offers you direct opportunity to interact closely with the local community and close view and working with the African wildlife like Elephants and Rhinos.

While on our volunteering trips program you will have an opportunity to see the Africa’s Big 5. Our volunteering programs in Kenya are suitable for anyone interested in making a difference in the lives of local communities and wildlife in Kenya.